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Ariel Kalma - Les Temps des Moissons (1975, part 1)

The man at the window - narration

Reduced version 21.09.2014:


This is the street.

Karel Doormanstraat.

I am a man at the window.



How long have I sat here?


- all the time  (whispering) no one saw me…


how long I will stay here?


 - beyond the time


(whispering) no one will see me,

but I keep looking here, as now


the street and people has always been there

and will always be there, because I see it.


Nonsensical truths, but there are no better.



It is easy to understand


Too obvious to describe


As something at this moment… As something at this moment


Nothing missing, nothing is superfluous


I am everything I see







When I was still a horse in a meadow


I must have lived in his body


have seen in his eyes what he saw


that life would never begin

nor would ever end,

nor be repeated


I must have left his body and my memories


must have remained behind in him



on the other side a horse is standing


look it in the eyes – it will look in yours


I had been forgiven for one day more

I was left behind among

motionless horses and cattle,

a foundling laid in a world

of grass



His vacant eyes stare into the scene,



why then? who are you,


where were you?


Without reproach, he must have known


what was about to happen.


I have no reply.





The world around him is perfectly clear,




has been observed.



there was one


a time, and now it's past, there's a place


and this too has been deserted,


these are comfort,


but why ?


Not because of what has been, but because of





I hear,

but the silence afterwards,


I see,

but what is no more,


I think,

but of what?



An Empty Place to Stay IX

Give me the winter, the desolate landscape, the field without signs of life, the force of resilient heather

Give me a galloping horse, but one on his side in the grass.

give me an empty place to stay

Give me a question, no answer.


I trace the windows of my room.

Only the black reflection of distance in the panes, of a peaceful landscape,

and beyond it, no one.


and the landscape were folding their invisible arms around my shoulders.

We need for nothing, they are saying, we have forgotten this world.

But these are no arms, it is landscape.


The yellowed photos in the display cases

what do they see, what do they see? I look at them, but for what?

Their faces have come to belong to the world, to the world
, which remains silent.

So this is it, desertion, here is 
the place where they took their leave,


connection for lichun’s part?


You never spoke to me personally

But you did virtually,

And we were friends

Across the barriers

of distance time and culture.


In your words I read, I read,

Something that reaches far beyond

The self-imagination,

A universal tenderness

Simple, complex words.


I never spoke to you personally

Yet you were you, important

Something like a whispering guide

In uncertain times.




Die Kunst der Fuge



The flocks of birds above the valley, the fleeting

moments of being together and falling apart.


all these repetitions looking for a single moment,

in which memory and desire dissolve into each other.


disappearing together, finding those moments,

and losing them.

What unites them, scatters them ..



It wanders, merges, falls apart, disappears

and it repeats itself, as if something always


has to be sought, found, lost, sought,

as if again and again there must be something


before it disappears and after.





You see a man in the room

he seems drowned into himself.

this man it’s me, I know

but if you stare at a picture of yourself

you will drift into the reverie

of who you are and whom you mean

when you mention I,..

it’s like that

With words that cannot be understood..

no one has ever seen himself

but the longing remains

for the invisible I

you are searching in a man in the room

for what was left of you.






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A picture of the final scene shoot of the Arie part. It was a great evening!